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Lepton handles all your Christian giving on your phone.


With Lepton, it is quicker and easier to discover churches, exciting ministries and projects, and to join with thousands of others in giving generously.

If you ever feel short of time, money or awareness of good projects to give to; if you think your gifts won’t make much difference; if you wish you had great tools to help get your giving organized... then Lepton is for you.

Lepton helps you to give a little, a lot. With Lepton, when you look back, you will see that it was easier than you had be more generous than you had thought possible. One Lepton at a time.


What is a Lepton? The poor widow who gave two tiny copper coins to the Temple (the widow’s ‘mite’ in Mark 12:41f) was described by Jesus as being more generous than those who gave large gifts out of their surplus. The coins she gave were Leptons - the least valuable coin in circulation in Jerusalem at the time. It is thought that the Lepton was worth about six minutes of average wages at the time.

We believe that one way to grow in generosity is to give a little, a lot. Lepton helps you do that.

For Churches & Nonprofits

Lepton helps you to equip your supporters for generosity. Lepton helps them to discover your church or project and to engage with you, to give more easily and to share more freely with their friends.

80 percent of teenagers sleep with their smartphones. 70 percent of Facebook usage and 45 percent of Groupon sales are on mobile. Smartphone usage grew by 80 percent last year. Retail spending on mobile increased by 140% over the last year. The number of mobile-connected devices has recently exceeded the number of people on earth, and there will be over 10 billion mobile-connected devices in 2017.

Lepton is a simple and effective way to harness the potential of mobile for good. Sign up with us now to find out more.


Lepton is created by Prayer Labs a small, juicy team of innovators who are passionate to serve and delight Christians in their generosity and discipleship.

We are based in London in the UK and Boulder, Colorado in the USA.


If you have a passion to serve and strengthen Kingdom ministries through mobile innovation, get in touch! We are especially interested in hearing from you if you are experienced in:-

  • Mobile UX/UI design
  • Church / nonprofit marketing or fundraising
  • Mobile web / iOS / Android development

Contact Us


Rupert Edwards – CEO & Founder

Rupert started life as a corporate attorney with Allen & Overy, a top ten global law firm. He has served as a legal counsel with a $3 billion broadcast company and has provided legal and business consultancy to numerous fast growing, venture capital backed corporations in the media and technology space, including a cable TV network and a mobile social networking app. Rupert is an ordained minister in the Anglican church and has served as an Associate Pastor with two London churches, focusing on outreach and early stage discipleship. He is currently on the leadership team of a church plant in east London. This combination of pastoring and working with technology startups gave birth to the idea of Lepton. Rupert is married to Amanda and they have two little boys who happily distract him at every turn with the important stuff in life: lego, sticks and tide pools.

Nathan O’Hanlon – CTO

Nathan has served as a Senior Web Application Developer at eBay, CTO of SocialGo PLC, a publicly traded leading developer of software for the social media market; and Senior Developer at Bright Talk, a London / Bay Area provider of webinars and videos for professionals. Nathan has worked for over 30 multinational & smaller companies since 1995 following a degree in computer science. He is a New Zealander based in London with his wife and two small children.

Jordan de Laune - Developer

Originally from the small country of Guernsey Jordan now lives and works in London for a variety of non-profits. He is passionate about seeing technology used for good causes and finding creative ways of refining users' experience with applications. When he's not coding he's usually cooking a pretty mean curry.

Todd Gibson - Operations

Most recently Todd has served as Product Manager for Cover Cake, a Bay Area advertising technology startup. His experience includes product strategy & management, analytics and and operations. Todd grew up as on a desert island of Papua New Guinea where his parents were translating the bible. He lives with his wife and son in California.

Jacquie Driver - Advisor

Jacquie was a partner at KPMG until early 2013, serving across corporate finance and securitization functions. She is an FCA and trustee and advisor to a number of churches and other Christian non-profits including City Gateway – London’s fastest growing Christian social impact organization. Jacquie overseas Lepton's financial governance and processes.

Tim Rea - Advisor

Tim’s current work is primarily focused on venture capital investing and associated development work with early stage technology companies. He is a Director of ePlanet Ventures - a global software VC firm, and CEO of Palringo, a successful social networking app with a multi-million-user base. Tim is a US citizen and a lay preacher at his church in the Suffolk countryside. Tim has been advising on the development and business model for Prayer Labs projects from their inception.